A space for the non-conformist mama looking for resources to supplement raising her little visionary minded child(ren) with. 

A child educated only at school is an uneducated child.
— George Santayana

What is it? Well...

A defining element of SacredRebel is my belief that ideas have the power to impact the world, and that the visionary mindset can be cultivated as it is discovered. I also believe the role of a mother is one of the highest areas of leadership and activism. When you combine that, you get #TheVisionMamas.

I know there are a lot of "mommy spaces" on the internet, but most of us don't always leave them feeling all that great. (Well, except for #BossMomNation, they're dope.) But, the usual patronizing, know it all, staged just right, smug mama vibe... yea... you're not going to find any of that here. It diminishes a mother from letting her child reveal + guide how to raise them because now you're pressed to do what you've seen other women do ( or claim to do, but ya know... I digress. )

Instead I wanted to create a space specific for the modern nonconformist mama looking for tangible resources to supplement raising her little visionary minded child(ren) with.

Here you'll find tools, resources + guides that act as prompts more than anything else. And, these tools will all be geared towards truly discovering the unique version of visionary within your child, no matter what it looks like or how it needs to be cultivated.

It's about empowering #TheVisionMamas out there to honor the vibe and rhythms of their own child(ren) while focusing on the things that traditional education systems and mommy blogs might not cover...

Soooo, here's what's coming:

Expect to see these projects intertwine into the traditional Sacred Rebel content over the next year(s) as they're ready...

  • Mini VisionBoss DNA - The youth version of my VisionBoss DNA - Creating a Brand and Visionary Blueprint. Created for ages 6-12 years old, but the information is relevant to anyone who reads it, older or younger. This will help #TheVisionMamas affirm the creative business ideas in their children and step through a development process together.
  • #TheVisionMamas series - A periodic series included in the regular blog + podcast rotation. It will focus on topics like: being a mother with her own creative aspirations, raising a child to have a visionary mind, modern education, and owning what your version of the mama lifestyle looks like for you . I will also be inviting you into the realities of my own journey as I do mama life and in homeschooling Luna.
  • Curated Resources:  Lists of apps, tools, books and games that I've discovered and want to share. I also want to hear yours so we can grow the lists together. Many of the resources listed will grow as Luna grows to maintain authenticity in that we naturally discovered and enjoyed them.
  • Micro Curriculum's - Mini guides micro focused on topics ranging from teaching emotional intelligence to encouraging imagination and resourceful thinking in your child.

But, for now: check out the hashtag #TheVisionMamas on Instagram to see more on where it's coming from AND please share you own musings using the tag!