A voice for the modern creative woman with a vision. Perfect messages for workshops, churches, panels, events, conferences, universities, camps, small groups & seminars. Here a few topics I can chat about:


  • The relationship between Creativity & Spirituality & Business. How to overcome some of the myths & lies that most spiritual creatives have encountered.
  • Teaching younger women & teens & girls to tap into their own unique version of powerful visionary leadership at the deepest root. The ultimate purpose giving and self value nurturing chat. 
  • Navigating the The Wife/Mama/Businesswoman Dynamic. How to create a business AND a life that flourishes, while raising up little visionaries as you mother
  • How to articulate your brand culture, market it and develop it into a sustainable and impactful vision. This is not your basic branding pep-talk. It mixes psychology, spirituality, and cutting edge business strategy seamlessly.

For booking requests fill out this easy form or e-mail connect@alinamarie.co and I will get right back to you! Thank you!