She is the revolution you’ve been waiting for, trust me when I tell you.
— Eboni Bright of Behind The Moxie

Walk away with these tangible results:

  • Clearly articulate the intent of your idea, the niche, what your brand does and what you do.
  • Streamline + structure your ideas into a profitable + impactful brand model.
  • Develop your brand energy, story, culture + marketing narrative.
  • Learn how to make what you do matter to people so that they spread the idea.
  • Outline the ideal people you're creating for + learning their actual worldview so you know how to talk to them.
  • Identify the type of work YOU are purposed to do + what that looks like for you.
  • Outline the monetization possibilities within the brand idea. ( if applicable
  • Getting visibility + establishing your credibility through your content.
  • Suggested content topics + engaging content marketing ideas.
  • Outlining the actual systems ( programs that will help you deliver automation and organization in your business) needed to support the plans we outline. 
  • Peace of mind that your brand will run in a way that aligns with your rhythms + goals.

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  • A 60 Minute Strategy Call.
  • Lifetime access to my Idea Branding 101 Course - The Brand Story, Strategy + Content Intensive. 

Brand Statement + Web Copy. Strategic editing/creation of:

  • Your one-liner tagline statement.
  • Your own title + one-liner tagline to explain and capture what you do within your brand.
  • Your conversational 2-3 sentence value statement pitch for your brand.
  • Your social media bio.
  • A solid description of who your ideal target people are.
  • Additional copy blurbs to answer the who, what and how's of your brand culture for web / promo placement.

Custom Content Marketing Strategy Outline:

  • Your brand story positioning, model + marketing approach. We will also organize your content topics, streamline where people will experience your content and what type of content you're going to create to elevate your visibility, engagement and authority. 

Bonus services:

  • Recommended list of business, content and automation systems your brand can benefit from using, for your budget. AKA... What tools to use to avoid burnout and get your life back. ( if applicable )
  • Overall audit/review of the website content placement - via e-mail - once the design is done and content is placed by you/your designer. ( if applicable )


What stood out the most was her unique ability to clarify the “creative mess” that visionaries tend to find themselves in when there are so many ideas floating in their head
— Sebrina - Wunderfully Made LLC


How to book #PositionMyIdea

  • Click the booking button below. Always schedule your 15 minute planning call first.
  • Your contract, welcome letter, next steps + client guide will be on the bottom of your appointment confirmation email! Be sure to scroll down to see it.

What to expect: 

1. You book your PositionMyIdea package, and schedule your 15 minute Planning Call. The 15 minute Planning Call must always be booked first. 

2. Your 15 minute Planning Call Appointment Confirmation email contains your welcome email with client guide and contract. Be sure to scroll down to see it!

3. Once we have our 15 minute Planning Call you will receive an email that contains the Idea Branding 101 course link so that you can get started. You then complete Modules 1-3. This can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months, if not more. Take your time, there is no rush! This is a key strategic part of the process created specifically for the season you are in, it's in-depth on purpose. We don't do basic around here. 

4. Once you complete Idea Branding 101, you send it to me and schedule your 60 minute Strategy Call. 

5. We have our 60 minute strategy call. On this call we will focus on:

  • Streamlining the structure of your ideas into a profitable + impactful brand model.
  • Developing your brand energy, culture + marketing narrative.
  • Learning how to make what you do matter to people so they spread the idea.
  • Articulating what you do + narrow in your brand niche.
  • Outlining the ideal people you create for + learning their actual worldview.
  • Identifying the type of work YOU are purposed to do + what that looks like for you.
  • Outlining the packaging + flow of your offerings/monetization points to clearly promote profits.
  • How to get visibility + establishing your credibility through your content.

6. After our call, you will send me a finalized version of your chosen monetization structure from what we brainstormed together on the strategy call. This should be sent within a week or two. Once I receive that I can create your custom Brand Statement Blueprint. Which is a compiled reference of all your brand statements that are included in your investment as well as other key strategy outlines. You will get this back from me within 4-6 weeks after I receive your finalized monetization outline.

7. Once you implement everything, you now have the option for me to go through and do a final audit of the content placement and user experience. You will get feedback for that from me via email within 2 weeks of you letting me know you're ready.