Visionary coaching, brand identity development, content creation and marketing strategies are the beginning foundational stages of your vision blueprint. But, it doesn't end there.

I have an amazing power team of personally recommended partner brands that each specialize and excel in all the other vital elements of a thriving brand. No need to look all around and worry about investing in someone that won't deliver.

Each brand operates in excellence. We all do what we do best to serve you and help your bring your vision to it's highest level of potential. No more feeling lost and overwhelmed with the process, we got you.  

Brand Visuals - Design + Web Development

Britney of Britney Jeanine & Co

Specializes in Visual Brand Design + Web Development. 

Based in Orlando, Florida, we're a visual brand studio with a passion for ideation. We help brands visually attract {and further connect with} their identified audiences. To us, your brand must be dateable, your conversation clear, your interaction superb, and your appearance...polished. A brand's presence should not only be professional and attractive, but it should also be strategic. Here at Britney Jeanine & Co, we specialize in the branding for beauty, entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and luxury brands; so whether you're building a more personal brand, or an empire, we want to partner


Brand Finances - Entrepreneur + Non-Profit Tax Planning

Ashlee of Mogul Tax Solutions

Specializes in Tax Strategy for Business. Entreprenur Tax Preparation. Start Up Consulation for small business + non profits. 501C3 Application Assistance for Non-profits.

I'm a Registered Tax Professional with the IRS and a Certified Small Business TaxAdvisor. When working with my clients, I help them implement proven strategies that allow them to handle their taxes in an organized way and essentially overcome their tax fears.  I help you keep your profits in your pocket through legal and EFFECTIVE tax planning strategies. I strive to condense the ever-changing tax code in a simple and concise way and I literally want to save you the confusion and frustration you experience during tax season. I'm 100% committed to making your life easier BEFORE and DURING tax season. 

Brand Visuals - Videography + Photography

Ali of Ali Watson Media

Alicia of Ali Waston, LLC. specializes in visual branding and marketing through videography and photography.

Ali Watson is based in Maryland right outside of Washington, DC. Alicia helps small businesses and entrepreneurs all over the country make their visions both more visual and visible. Her goal is always to create cohesive & effective brand imagery that reaches further, faster, and is full of authenticity and personality. As a visual branding strategist, Alicia combines her creativity, training, entrepreneurial experience and education to create an in-depth and unique experience for each company she works with. As a filmmaker and playwright, Alicia draws on her ability to tell a great story which is something she deems synonymous with having a brand people know, love and trust. If you have a desire to level up visually, Alicia would love to hear your vision.