A list of some of the games, toys, resources, apps + other fun things that toddler mamas raising independent minded, creative, analytical, faith filled, conscious, and innovative little visionary girls would appreciate.

Keep checking back often as it grows. Got anything you want to add? Email me! alina@sacredrebel.co

Index of Topics On This List: 

  • Subscription Boxes 
  • Books ( Imagination, Activism, Revolutionary Women, Creativity, Innovation, Current Culture, etc  ) 
  • Apps + Tech 
  • Shows
  • Toys 
  • Curriculum + Workbooks 
  • Brands, People, Books + Feeds to Enjoy ( For Mama ) 

Subscription Boxes

  • Koala + Kiwi Crate - Monthly activity box for little makers, inventors + scientist. 
  • Stem Reads - A monthly STEM themed book and activity box ( coding, astronauts, etc ) 
  • Little Passports - "Early explorers from ages 3-5 can explore the USA or travel the globe with Little Passports. Young children learn about a new world theme every month."
  • Green Craft Kid -  "Green Kid designs and delivers hands-on, award winning, and eco-friendly Discovery Boxes, Creativity Kits, and STEAM Kits (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics)."
  • Surprise Ride - "We design activities around STEM, geography, history and art that teach your kids real stuff, in the real world. Through conveniently pre-planned activities, kids learn and explore while moms take a break."
  • Kidable Adventures - "A monthly subscription for children ages 3-6 old and encourages exploring, creating, reading and learning. It includes a book to stir the imagination, hands-on craft with all materials, pretend play props for exploration and age-appropriate learning tools."
  • M is For Monster - "M is for Monster offers monthly subscription boxes for learning activities for toddlers, 4-5 years old and Pre-K boxes for 5-6 years old. All kits include materials, supplies, hands-on learning experiences and sequenced lesson plans. 




Apps + Tech 

  • Todo Math - Teaches: Math. One of the best math apps I've ever seen. Luna has learned so much from this app.
  • Benny Bones - Teaches: medical names and placement for all the bones in the body.
  • First Words Sampler - Teaches: Toddler sight and spelling words.
  • Endless Originator - Teaches: Reading, Spanish, Words, Numbers and Alphabet
  • SafeTube - Create a YouTube video playlist while avoiding toy reviews, ads and other distracting YouTube content.
  • Bible for Kids - YouVersion Kids version of bible stories and games. 
  • I Learn With - "These fun kids apps cover a wide range of skills such as math, literacy, language development, science, and more."


  • Doc McStuffins ( One of the kindest and smartest cartoons, amazing )
  • Word Party ( Netflix )
  • Little Einsteins / Baby Einsteins 
  • Super Why
  • Ask the Story Bots ( Netflix )
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Peep and the Big Wide World 
  • Team UmiZoomi
  • Sid the Science Kid
  • Octonauts 


  • GoldieBlox -  "Construction toys for girls" Always loved this video from them...
  • Osmo - "Osmo is an award-winning game system that will change the way your child interacts with the iPad by opening it up to hands-on play."
  • Story Cubes - Encourage storytelling and verbal creative problem solving. 


  • Learning Box Preschool - "The Learning Box Preschool is a professionally designed educational preschool curriculum kit program filled with fun hands-on activities, arts and crafts, and early literacy experiences for children ages 2-5. 
  • Kumon Workbooks - With preschool topics that include Spatial Reasoning, Logic, Creativity along with ALL the basics, you can't go wrong. 
  • DK Coding Workbooks - Coding is for any child, it teaches problem solving, patterns, creativity and it is the development language of the future. It's not just for kids that show an interest in "traditionally" scientific/tech type subjects. This series of workbooks is a great start to introducing it.
  • Mother Goose Time - "Mother Goose Time gives you concrete materials, ideas and training to inspire your children’s curiosity."
  • M is For Monster - "M is for Monster offers monthly subscription boxes for learning activities for toddlers, 4-5 years old and Pre-K boxes for 5-6 years old. All kits include materials, supplies, hands-on learning experiences and sequenced lesson plans. M is for Monster is preschool in a box.
  • Think Orange - "Develop Leaders, Share the Gospel, Love Kids."


Brands, People + Feeds to Enjoy - For Mama 

  • @BossMomNation - "The home Of TRILL MOTHERHOOD" - LOVE them. Dig into what and who they share. Enjoy.
  • @WildandFree.co - " A Beautiful Homeschool Community + Monthly Content Bundles + Conferences and Groups #wildandfreechildren  - bewildandfree.org"
  • @HappyHeartKid - "Games and craft kits that promote social skills and EQ. #playwithpurpose"
  • @PintSizeFaith - Dope and trendy kids faith based t-shirts and sweatshirts. 
  • @ASpoonfulOfFaith - Beautiful musings and original illustrations mamas would love. She's crazy talented. 
  • @SheReadsTruth + @KidsReadTruth - two options for really good and visually beautiful bible studies. Offered as an app, on their website, and plenty of other books and products. 
  • @BrownKids - just a feel good feed of realistic minimalism and healthy eating.
  • @MalikaYasmin - discover her healthy eating tips and tricks...and her beautiful fam.
  • @AlexWolfCo - a feed of graceful, simple, and full living. A gentle reminder to slow down and really live life. 
  • @BrandiChantalle - raw and real musings on motherhood and womanhood. 
  • @WifeComplex - an edgy and transparent feed of all things related to being a woman and owning all the complexities that come with it. 


Fun Books for Mama 

*curses alot, but it's good*