You Might Be Ahead Of Your Time Creatively On Purpose

Have you ever thought our place in history and research? Or, what generations to come with learn from our existence and creative work?

Don't be afraid to be ahead of your time. What you create might be for the next generation to discover and implement into their time. Create not only for us, but for them too.

We are creating and building within a one of kind era and existence. We are the generation that literally came up in a tech and internet revolution. Most of us had a part of our childhood without internet, then got introduced to it later on ( Free 15 hours AOL cd's from the grocery store anyone? )

There will never be another generation that was on the cusp of that tech revolution, straddling both worlds in their formative years. Our blogs, social media, videos, business models, content and podcasts will be the history books for future generations.

We will be the ones where they see how the effects of mobile technology, internet access, and constant exposure to information impacted every area of our life...for good and bad.

We are also the generation that approaches the sequence of life differently too. The milestone were always: high school, college, get married, buy a 30 year mortgage, have a baby, work hard at the same job, hopefully be able to retire and finally really live and travel.

We are shaking that up. This is why things like small business ownership, startups, college alternatives, frequent global travel at an early age, digital nomading, homeschooling, and the tiny house movements are on the rise. Our generation is prompting the new normals for the next.

I find so many unique layers in our generation and what inspires our work, what we invent, and how it creates new normals for the future. I can only imagine the historical records, creative impact and significance of it all.

Unapologetically make your mark. God has you in this time with your specific mix of creative inspirations, ideas and preferences for a reason. The truth of your existence fuels the story and impact of your vision.