Ep.7 : Social Impact Through Branding

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Episode Excerpt:

"The majority of the rules and traditions we follow are essentially ideas that were implemented by another person within the last few centuries or even decades. That means that the majority of human existence existed outside of the accepted ways that dictate your very existence. So, for our all our advancement we’re more controlled and dependent on a predetermined system than any other time in history. For our all tech savvy we have no basic life skills… for all our access and information we don’t realize how much less we have to think and problem solve. And, that’s by design. A design that has been passed down and protected for centuries."

Episode Topic Points:

  • A call to question the current systems that determine our existence as well as how it got that way and why it is the way it is. How to begin to consciously recognize distorted agendas.
  • How branding + marketing methods have been used in a toxic way and how we can take back the methods for positive change instead of consumer manipulation.
  • Living outside of the systems and adopting as much of an ownership/producer mentality as possible all the way down to our consumer habits and lifestyle.
  • Removing our own availability and dependence on the traditional systems.
  • The innovation potential ahead for us and our children.

Episode Excerpt:

"Why else is an agenda of fueling division among a diverse majority group of people so powerful? Because they know our potential united, they know if we start using the assets and benefits we each have and combine them, the minority control would disappear and there would more voices and hands in the power cookie jar… and for people who exists on generations of power, that’s equal to suicide for them and their legacy."

Episode Excerpt:

"How can my craft be a currency and how can I support someone using their craft as their currency so that we put the real currency… being our majority influence, skillsets and buying power… into the hands of people that do not have an ulterior agenda. This is the foundation of an Ownership Culture."