Ep.8 : Behind The Brand | Laptop Crash = Fresh Systems Perspective

Episode Topic Points:

  • Not letting logistic type setbacks or obstacles dictate the progression of your business.
  • Identifying where some of the assumptions or standards you have towards how you run your business are coming from and if they're authentic to your brand model.
  • The benefits of periodically taking a step back to audit and make sure your systems are working FOR you. Asking "Why do I think I need that?" can be powerful and effective.
  • Learning how to balance knowing what works best for you while still making sure you have an eye on whats new, available and helpful in the industry. Systems are always evolving or being developed. 
  • There are so many more options for freelancers and small business owners to choose from because the industry itself is growing. Use that.

Episode Excerpt:

"To grow I had to simplify, and to evolve I had to streamline."

Episode Excerpt:

"A lot of times we get systems because we hear someone else had it, and they're legit, so we might as well use that. But, sometimes your business model might not need that. Not because they're better, or you're better. Your brand might just literally not offer things that the solutions in that program/system provides."

Episode Excerpt:

"We all have to take that time as creatives to work IN our brand and ON our brand because the systems that nobody else sees is actually what keeps us sane and what makes our user experience. So I decided, yea maybe I might be quieter on social media or I might not produce as much content. But, I'd rather be quiet for a season and keep my foundation right."

Resources Mentioned:

  • Canva - Graphic Design Platform ( logos, graphics, ad's )
  • LucidPress - Desktop Publishing Platform ( eBooks, workbooks, guides )
  • Ontraport - Business Automation System ( similar to Infusion Soft ) 
  • CoSchedule - Social Media Schedule
  • 17 Hats -  Client + Project Management
  • Satori - Client Management for Coaches 
  • Acuity - Scheduling and Payment Processing